Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal Of The Day!

If you’re anything like me you likely take a multivitamin, and maybe even some other supplements in addition to that vitamin. Why? Because you know it’s the healthy thing to do for your body. Ever wish there were a better option that taking a million pills a day?

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Stevia: Beware of Sugar Ninjas!

“Which stevia should I get?” That is a much trickier question to answer than it might seem because many brands of stevia have hidden forms of sugar in them, or ‘sugar ninjas’ as I call them. Here is a list of the various stevia brands, what is in them. I present this list for those out there who are attempting to be extra vigilant about ANY types of sugars hidden in stevia. If you have no aversion to sugars then you may not need this list, but it is always nice to know what is in the product you wish to buy before buying it right?

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Should you consider completing a pre-diet cleanse? This is often suggested by various sites as a way to get better results from your diet, but does it work and is it really necessary? In some cases you may even do yourself harm if you attempt these cleanse options. I decided to take an in depth look at the various options for cleansing and what effects they have on your health.

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Gone Nutty For Almonds

As I continually search for healthier options in food I keep running into almonds and almond-based products like almond milk and almond flour/meal, almond butter, and almond oil. While I enjoy the option of almond-based products simply for the taste, I wondered what other reasons there might be to choose them over normal dairy and flour. Long nights have passed as I have searched out information on almond-based products and the following article is a collection of the information I found so that I can share it with you now.

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Debunking The Cellulose Myth

The popular consensus is that ALL words that end in ‘ose’ are a form of sugar. I am writing this particular article to show that while cellulose might have the ‘ose’ suffix, it is not a form of sugar for the body to use. It seems no matter how hard I try I cannot convince certain groups of people of this scientific fact because the various gurus out there are spreading blanket statements as “all-or-nothing” facts, therefore I can only try to reach a few of my loyal readers with the truth and hope that they listen to reason.

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Water: How Much Is Too Much?

We all know that drinking water is necessary and vital to our health, but did you know that drinking too much can lead to harm and even death? Since I started getting healthier I joined and/or read various online discussion boards, Facebook walls, and forums and it was a little disturbing to me that the answer to everything was “drink more water”. It seems like good advice, but I started wondering how much water people were drinking, which led me down the research path of “how much is too much”? Read on to find out everything you ought to know about water.

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