Round 2 of HCG

Well it’s taken me awhile, but here are the results of my second round on the HCG diet.

Total Weight Lost~

Starting weight: 165.8

After the 2 loading days weight: 166.0

After the VLCD (24 days) weight – also called Last drops/dose weight (LDW): 154.4

I include the weight gain from loading in my total weight loss because I feel that had I not given myself  ’free reign’ to eat like that then I wouldn’t have gained the weight in the first place. That said, my total loss for round  2 was 11.6lbs.

Total inches lost~

Start on 12-30-10 / Finish on 1-25-11

Rt. Arm: 12.7512.5 = .25 inch lost

Lt. Arm: 12.512.25 = .25 inch lost

Neck: 12.7512.25 = .5 inch lost

Chest: 36.535.75 = .75 inch lost

Midriff: 39.2537.5 = 1.75 inches lost

Waist: 32.530.25 = 2.25 inches lost

Hips: 43.7542.25 = 1.5 inches lost

Rt. Thigh: 2725.5 = 1.5 inches lost

Lt. Thigh: 2725.5 = 1.5 inches lost

Rt. Knee: 17.2517 = .25 inch lost

Lt. Knee: 1717 = no loss

Total added together for inches lost = 10.5 (10 1/2) inches lost from my entire body!!!

Things I changed this round and trouble I encountered~

This time around I decided to try and get more variety in my daily menu. Since I hate most of the options available on the original approved foods list, that meant just doubling up on chicken one day and then having my normal chicken followed by beef the next day and so on. (Double chicken, chicken then beef – double chicken, chicken then beef – etc.). I found that this alternating meat schedule did seem to help my weight loss. I also attempted to eat my beef for lunch instead of dinner in hopes that might change things for my losses… it didn’t though. At the beginning of the second week I had started to take a probiotic (had to wait for it to come in the mail or I would have started it before week 1), but by the end of the week I stopped taking it just in case it was slowing my losses. I have no proof whether it did or not to be honest, but I stopped anyway. (I have since started to take them again and  they really help me with digestion so that will not be something I stop taking again).

Here are the numbers for my weekly losses:

Week 1: 6.4lbs lost

Week 2: 2.6lbs lost

Week 3: 2lbs lost

Week 4: 0.6lbs lost – I cut this week short though because I stopped early. There were only 3 days in this week for losing weight.

I had decided to stop this round early because of other medical problems I was encountering. None of my medical issues pertained to the diet though. I have nerve damage in my feet (Morton’s neuroma) and I have a sensitive bladder. I found that eating the oranges and lemons on the diet caused a major flare up of my bladder sensitivity so I guess you could call that related, but the diet did not ’cause’ the issue is my point. I wanted to go into maintenance (Phase 3) so that I could better fuel my body for healing in hopes that I might be able to get well from my foot injuries.

This round was definitely harder in the mental aspect I will be honest. When I went in to round 1 I was leaving behind microwave foods and fast food… all choices that I knew were terrible for my body and making me sluggish and lethargic. Once I entered round 2 I had already drastically changed my diet for the better. I learned how to cook meals and incorporate tasty spices for flavor, I bought organic foods, I ate much lower in fats (now most of my fat comes from either healthy sources like nuts or it comes from cheeses hehe – I love cheese!), and high in veggies and fruits. It was excruciating to me to leave those healthy food choices behind because I knew those choices were NOT what made me overweight. So mentally being on the VLCD was torture – I kept craving some fresh cut pineapple, Greek yogurt, bananas, and broccoli with a little cheddar cheese on top amongst other things.

On the other hand there were aspects of this round that I found much easier as well. I had much more knowledge going in and that helped me feel more confident that my losses would be good. I knew what signs to look for that a true stall was coming. Also, I knew how to handle a stall if it did happen. I was much more relaxed about seeing small numbers on the scale – I lost a tiny bit each day and by the end of the week it would add up to at least 2lbs lost. I also felt better throughout because I did not suffer as badly from any kind of detox period. Less headaches, less hunger, and I just felt better throughout in general. (Not to say I didn’t have my crappy days – there are always crappy days lol).

Before and After time!

BeforeAfterFrontSmall Round 2 of HCG

BeforeAfterBackSmall Round 2 of HCG

This time I was braver as promised and wore some spandex lol.

The differences aren’t exactly drastic, but they are impressive to me for such a short amount of time. My body has smoothed out quite a bit from this round and I feel more confident these days.

Here is a look back from the beginning of Round 1 until the end of Round 2:

BeforeAfterFinalSmall Round 2 of HCG

Sadly the bagginess of my clothes in the first round’s photos makes it tough to compare – but I can see some major changes in there! Also keep in mind that I started to take my pics from Round 1 a bit late – I actually started at 180.0lbs and I finished Round 2 at 154.8 for a total loss of 25.2lbs!!

Here’s a better picture for showing where I started to where I am now:

TheNewTashaSmall Round 2 of HCG

So that’s it for Round 2 on the HCG diet. Does this end my journey? Heck no! At this point I am changing my method of weight loss from the HCG diet to eating healthy + exercise. This is going to be a tough journey for me since I am starting it off with atrophied muscles and injured feet, but I need to get my body back into some semblance of good shape lol. True health and wellness cannot be acquired through any diet alone, exercise is absolutely necessary to become fit and healthy. Please remember that being “thin” is not the goal you should be focusing on – you should want to be “fit” because getting thin happens to be a wonderful side effect of getting fit. You will live longer, have more energy, have more endurance, and also be more balanced in your moods and mental health when you are truly healthy. I have used the HCG diet to “jump-start” my weight loss and I always knew it would not be the end of my road. From here you can continue to follow my journey through the world of exercise and fitness along with TASTY healthy eating because I will continue to chronicle my journey for all of you and I hope I can inspire you to make the same journey along side me.

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